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The Company was set up in 1985, its purpose then was to service CAD equipment. Since then, it has evolved to become a provider of solutions to users of control equipment. More recently, we have become involved in the development of Electronic Accessories for Battery-powered Model Locomotives of 5" and 714" gauge.

A common situation that we help to overcome is one where a customer has some detection equipment connected to some control or processing equipment. Frequently, one or other of these fails, and an exact replacement is no longer available.  To make matters worse, a current replacement for the failed part can't communicate properly with the remaining equipment.

In these situations, we can provide a 'Black-box' solution in which is able to 'translate' the communication between the customer's units. The communication may involve Serial data, commonly used with Bar-code Readers, and /or digital Inputs and Outputs to and from a PLC.

Internal Peripheral units available include up to 2 Serial ports, with RS232, RS422 and RS485 options; Input/Output cards incorporating Opto-Isolated inputs, and Volt-free relay contacts, PNP or NPN Outputs.Non-volatile memory options are available, as is a battery-backed Real Time Clock-Calendar (Year 2000 compliant, of course!)

We achieve this process by selecting from a range of embedded controllers that we produce, and then writing the Application Software that will perform the desired conversion. Connector types and configuration are fitted according to the Customer's requirements.

In many instances, we are able to provide solutions without the expense or time incurred in site visits, providing the exact requirements can be specified

Some circumstances require no user intervention to our conversion unit. However, where some level of re-configuration or Status display is required, the units can be fitted with a 12-key Keypad, and Backlit LCD display.

Using the above techniques, our services are available to add new functionality to existing control equipment.

We also have a range of useful  Standard Products available.

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